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Creating space for the extraordinary to happen (Read more)

Since 2014, Peerspace has operated the largest and most successful peer-owned network of venues that allows guests and hosts to hold events and productions in unique locations worldwide.

While they were the first to market with this offering, the category had become more crowded, making it harder to distinguish one company from the next. And that’s where we came in. Peerspace challenged us to create a new brand, from strategy, tone of voice and design, that reflects the extraordinary spirit of their hosts and the spectacular moments and breakthroughs that happen within their spaces. The strategic underpinnings of this brand was centered around the idea that Peerspace opens doors—to opportunity and self-expression. Much like a blank canvas, Peerspace invites and inspires people to discover new and never-ending possibilities for themselves and others.

So, together, we built a dynamic, expressive brand utterly unique to the category. From guiding principles Always Accessible, Never Normal, and Ever Inspiring, came an inviting, evocative verbal identity and an energetic visual world that allows Peerspace’s people and stories to shine.

To start, we created three distinct logos for usage in different spatial dimensions: the Wordmark (appropriate for headers and larger spaces), the Stack (for small, square-format spaces like app icon, merchandise, and social media), and the Icon (for the smallest, most economic of spaces, like web browser or email user icons). Complementing our logo marks are four weights of Social, a typeface by Dinamo Type Foundry. Friendly, unique in its designed forms and rounded shapes, and not without quirk—much like the occasional Peerspace listing—Social stands apart from more constructed sans serifs and pairs beautifully with the updated iconography system.

Our dominant brand color, Peerspace Purple, blends the brand’s two previous colors together to create a bold hue that’s both symbolic of the company’s beginnings and novel in relation to its tech-y competitors.

Finally, photography focuses on three major junctures of the Peerspace experience: the Space (the before, or blank canvas), the Process (production and preparation), and the Result (the event, the art—the #madeinpeerspace outcome) to tell the full story of possibility, beginning to end.

It’s a story that is bright, rich, and full of personality. Because people are capable of extraordinary things; they just need the time and place to do them.

Mother Design & Peerspace

Creating space for the extraordinary to happen (Read more)
Mother Design

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